Leader's Speech


    Ladies and gentlemen:

    Shouguang Tayeb Wood Industry Co.,LTD general manager JasonYuan all the staffs, Deja Wood career to all who care about and support the development of the community, to extend my sincere respect and gratitude.Thanks to all the staff for many years to get in that hard work and one’s ability and cleverness, sincerely thank you!

    Shouguang Tayeb Wood Industry Co.,LTD sinceitsfounding, has always been to "honesty, quality first, service first " as a business philosophy, adhere to the "integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence " business purposes, the implementation of "quality Liye, market extension, industrial science and technology, sincere entrepreneurial" spirit of enterprise,. " Dedicated and efficient, pragmatic innovation, unity and hard work, the pursuit of excellence, " the core values, the "unity, development, innovation " as a strategic thought, determined to create a modern enterprise management system, to achieve efficient and orderly operation of enterprises; adhere to the "high standards, strict requirements, zero defect " concept of quality, to provide customers with high-quality, high the quality of the products.

    In the company, "just, fair, open " system, put the right person in the right position, with one of the most transparent and effective incentive mechanism, arouse talent innovation; in business activities, we in the concept of win-win cooperation, for the development of downstream industries go all out to, in order to creating the industry’s most competitive enterprises, everfount for customers to provide the most satisfactory products and the most attentive service.